Stop painstakenly photo retouching! A clean camera sensor will give you sharper, more vibrant spot-free photos!

The above photo shows what dirt looks like on a camera sensor. Every picture taken with this camera would have these same spots in the exact same locations until the sensor is cleaned. Brighter photos would produce even more pronounced spots.

Aurora Camera Care Camera Sensor Cleaning Kit

Includes 10 Ultra Soft Two-Ply Microfiber Cleaning Swab individually cleanroom vacuum sealed to be 100% dust and lint free. They come in 5 sets of Premoistened Swabs with the exact amount of our specially formulated sensor safe cleaner and Dry Swabs to around out our safe and easy two-step complete sensor cleaning process.

Blurry, hazy, spot filled photos may be caused by a dirty camera sensor.

The introduction of In-Body Image Stabilization and other high-performance electronics have created more and more static charge causing cameras sensors to become dust and lint magnets.


Both DSLR and Mirrorless camera sensors are subjected to dust and debris every time we change our lenses.

The Aurora Camera Care Sensor Cleaning Kit takes the guesswork and fears out of cleaning your camera sensor.

They provide both Wet and Dry swabs for professional results in two quick and easy steps.

For added ease of use, these kits come in 3 variants Full Frame, APS-C, and Micro Four Thirds.

No more messy bottles of cleaning liquid are required.

No more guessing how much cleaner is safe to use.

Aurora Camera Care includes pre-moistened swabs with a specially formulated sensor safe cleaner; providing the exact amount of cleaning liquid every time.

The cleaning swabs are made of ultra soft two-ply microfiber and are clean room vacuum sealed to guarantee they’re 100% dust free.

It’s time you treat your camera to a clean sensor and yourself to spot-free photos.

Try an Aurora Camera Care Sensor Cleaning Kit today and get professional results without the high cost, downtime, and shipping expense.

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