Adobe Photoshop Free Alternatives Life After Adobe 2nd Ed.

Tell me, dear friend, do you like Photoshop?
How about free Photoshop?
How about a program that looks like Photoshop?
How about a program that looks like Photoshop but isn’t on your system and runs on your browser off of a server somewhere?

If the answer to all the above is yes, then this video is for you! Yes, you! The guy who is looking to cut the cord on Adobe.

Time coded and everything:

00:00 – Life After Adobe Cutting The Cord 2nd Edition
00:23 – Introduction
02:18 – FREE Adobe Photoshop Alternative PhotoPea
02:40 – Adobe Photoshop CS5 & CS6 comparison
02:50 – Why use Adobe Photoshop Alternatives?
03:00 – Which platform will PhotoPea work on?
03:20 – Are PhotoPea menus and shortcuts similar to Photoshop?
03:40 – Can PhotoPea read and write Photoshop files?
04:00 – Does PhotoPea have Content-Aware like Photoshop?
04:10 – Can you use PhotoPea for your workflow?
04:30 – Is PhotoPea Adobe Photoshop clone legal?
04:56 – How does Ivan Kutskir compare to the horde of Adobe Devs?
05:56 – How much does Adobe make on their CC rental model?
06:10 – Why has Adobe slowed innovation?
06:50 – Is PhotoPea responsive?
07:40 – Demonstrate Content-Aware move using PhotoPea
08:03 – Can you edit photos on a slow computer using PhotoPea?
08:15 – Is PhotoPea a truly FREE Adobe Photoshop alternative?
09:12 – Here’s a massive playlist of other Adobe alternative
09:30 – How to make thumbnails using PhotoPea
09:35 – Secret to removing a subject from a background using PhotoPea
10:07 – Special YouTube subscriber discounted code