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In today’s VLOG we chat about the brand new NIKON Automatic AF Fine Tuning. Nikon attempts to make autofocus lens calibration as simple as button the easy button. Does it work? How well does it work and what the heck is this AF Fine Tuning? What’s the difference between Phase Detection vs Contrast Detection? If you enjoy my content please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe for more Q&A, Daily Rants and much more.

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Which Lens To Buy? – Move from 4K to 8K Video

In today’s VLOG I speak about the move from 4K to 8K Video and answer the question: Which Lens Should I Buy? and of course, Q&A, Daily Rants and more.

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Q&A, Daily Rants and more. Subscribe and join the conversation today. — Exercise, Photography and a brand new product. Check it out! Hot Shoe Spirit Bubble Level. Small, Low Cost and just simply awesome!

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Well today is day one of my VLOG.  This informal production is perfect for me to personally answer your photography questions, add thoughts to this weeks conversation and of course, rant a bit!

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Digital Photography Cafe Episode 211

Interesting show this week. Talked about Panasonic 8K Video being only months away, Canon price hike to Canadians, Flickr and possibly parent company Yahoo on up for sale to the highest bidder, Instagram Algorithmic Feed scare, Soccer legend Pele sues Samsung for $30 million.