Just reviewed the Sony Alpha A7r II Full Frame 35mm Mirrorless Camera

I just had the opportunity test the Sony Alpha a7RII 43MP full-frame mirrorless camera’s autofocusing system.

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Is the Sony Alpha A7s II Full Frame 35mm Mirrorless Camera a DSLR Killer?

So is it? Let’s see…

If you are like me, you’re interested in mirrorless camera technology and understand the DSLR will be going the way of the dinosaur within a few years.

I just received a brand NEW Sony Alpha A7s II with a beautiful 16-35mm f4.0 Sony Lens along with a Metabones adapter for review. You will be absolutely shocked at the results.

I’ve placed the video on my brand new YouTube channel, check it out above, and if you like it give it a thumbs up and Subscribe to the channel. It would really mean allot.

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Good News – PRTmini™ Launch & Focus Pyramid Review

I would like to share two pieces of great news.

This week SLR Lounge featured a wonderful article about my Focus Pyramid Autofocus Lens Calibration Tool by Jay Cassario which was informative and extremely well received written by the photo community! Check it out here.PRT-MIni-Insert-Front

I would like to formally thank everyone for their continued support and give a warm hearted welcome to the hundreds of new folks that joined our family of pros and photo enthusiasts in the last 3 days. I’m humbled.

No matter if you take photos using a camera, smartphone or other mobile device, on dry land, air or under the sea, the PRT-Mini™ is a versatile photo accessory designed to help you make better images.

▪ Control Color, Exposure and Image Sharpness
▪ High-quality PVC plastic for durability and water resistance
▪ Specially formulated anti-reflective coating
▪ Removable mini lanyard for quick and easy accessibility
▪ Use with your favorite desktop or mobile photo editor

Digital Photography Cafe Show Ep. 197 Update

Hey there!

This week I will be recording a hands on look at the Canon XA-10 and the latest Canon C100 Mark II during a summit. I’m excited to see how they fair! So stay tuned!

Check out this week’s Digital Photography Cafe Show we spoke about:

▪ Low-light test A7S-II
▪ Canon EOS 7D Mark II
▪ Panasonic GH4
▪ iPhones 6s and 6s Plus
▪ iPad Pro
▪ Apple Pencil

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White Balance In Camera Or Post Production – Why is it important and how do you do it?

Hey there everyone!

I want to take a minute to demonstrate the importance of White Balancing your images in camera or in post production.

Many of you shoot in auto-white balance mode and simply trust the camera will get it right.

But we all know, in dark situations or mixed temperature lighting conditions today’s camera’s really struggle!

I personally suggestion shooting a reference card at the location so you can quickly dial in color balance in post production or even better move from auto white balance to custom white balance which provides you with complete color control.

In most cases, the camera’s auto-white balancing system really doesn’t do a great job and we find many images remained extremely yellow in dim tungsten lighting.

I’m guessing, a good portion of you have seen this happen to photos taken at a church, temple or other poorly lit venue .

Check out this quick video on the topic above.