Sony A9 WINS Game Over! Canon & Nikon Professionals Make The Switch?

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I’ve been asked to give my thoughts about the brand new Sony A9 FullFrame mirrorless camera. I compare the A9 with not only the Canon 1DxMarkII, Nikon D5 but it’s baby brother Sony Alpha a6500.

Vlogging Made Easy and Affordable Audio, Lighting and Editing


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In this VLOG I answer a question asked by many subscribers.. What gear are you using to produce your content? Yesterday I recorded a Tech Behind The VLOG video. I hope you enjoy it!

Panasonic Response to Lumix GH5 Autofocus Tracking Problem & More!

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I had a wonderful conversation with a really nice Panasonic representative yesterday. They were nice enough to clear up some of the issues with the company restructuring as well as the Lumix GH5 autofocus tracking issues that many photographers are having.

Panasonic GH5 Video AutoFocus Tracking #FAIL Layoffs Coming Soon

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This morning I was having my cup of green tea while going through some photography industry news. Let’s chat about the state of the industry.

* JED ROOT – Out Of Business

* Panasonic GH5 4K Video Autofocus Tracking #FAIL

* Panasonic moves all their DIGITAL IMAGING (cameras, etc) to their APPLIANCES division [cameras to microwaves]

* Panasonic Layoff are certain to follow

Check out a really great photo industry YouTuber Max Yuryev’s – GH5 video autofocus tracking review here:

My question to you is: How is your business doing in this slowing photographic economy? Are you having to subsidize your photography with other work or add additional products to your offerings to get by?

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Canon EOS 80D + PowerShot S120 Point & Shoot Comparison R/C Race Track

Today’s VLOG is just some fun time with my son at the local R/C Race Track using both the Canon EOS 80D and Canon PowerShot S120.

Video footage could have been much been but I wanted to use both cameras in 100% AUTO mode with NO audio or video post processing as a comparison.

What photo/video camera do you use and why; comment on my YouTube channel and join the conversation.