Good News – PRTmini™ Launch & Focus Pyramid Review

I would like to share two pieces of great news. This week SLR Lounge featured a wonderful article about my Focus Pyramid Autofocus Lens Calibration Tool by Jay Cassario which was informative and extremely well received written by the photo community! Check it out here. I would like to formally thank everyone for their continued […]

Digital Photography Cafe Show Ep. 197 Update

Hey there! This week I will be recording a hands on look at the Canon XA-10 and the latest Canon C100 Mark II during a summit. I’m excited to see how they fair! So stay tuned! Check out this week’s Digital Photography Cafe Show we spoke about: ▪ Low-light test A7S-II ▪ Canon EOS 7D Mark […]

3in1 Photo Reference Tool 18% Gray Card • White Balance, Exposure, Temperature • Color Calibration Chart • Perfect for Photo & Video

3in1 Photo Reference Tool has launched! 37 anti-reflective color reference tiles both photographers and videographers can take complete control over their color workflow Large 18% gray card with center target makes autofocus lockup easy while providing fast in camera custom white balance and single click color correction in post production 6 step exposure gradient provides […]

BTS Recap DPC #162 Sigma Quattro DP2 Review

Here’s a short Behind The Scenes video with my thoughts. “Sigma Quattro DP2 Mirror-less Camera w/ Foveon Sensor” Hey guys this was a very exciting week on the Digital Photography Cafe Show Ep.162 We had an interesting conversation with pro photographer Fred Pfeifer who reviewed the Sigma Quattro DP2. If you have any questions or would like to […]

Welcome to

Thanks everyone for stopping by my new home base and a special thanks to the thousands of photographers who’ve purchased my Focus Pyramid Lens Calibration Tool or Lightroom Presets. Some of you might know me from twitter @JosephCristina or as the co-host of The Digital Photography Cafe Show. I wanted to let you know that I’ve decided to put all of […]