Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Camera / Sensor RECALL? Hands On Review

As promised in my last VLOG I brought in studio the brand new Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 (5Dmark4) for some hands on quiet time with the camera to review and to answer some of the many questions you guys had.

During testing we found a major issue “problem” that could lead to a sensor or camera RECALL if it’s not an anomaly. We need your help! In the comment area please add your thoughts and image links that prove of disprove this issue.

Special thanks to all of the subscribers that contributed the questions answered by this video. I was not able to personally name all of you but by the questions, you’ll know who you are. 🙂 I thank you!

Also, a special thanks to the 100 new subscribers whom have sub’d over the last week. Thank you for joining the conversation. You truly are appreciated by me.

SIDE NOTE: The number of dead pixels found on this brand new 1 week old Canon EOS 5D Mark IV was actually well over 30.

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