JCristina VLOG_007 – Google AOL Yahoo Deletes Your eMail – Black Hole eMail via DMARC

Today’s VLOG is a bit of a PSA – Public Service Announcement regarding Google, AOL, Yahoo and many other free email provider’s new DMARC policy are now deleting all email coming through 3rd party apps using a FREE email account.

eMail forced into this BLACK HOLE does not show as bounced mail, undeliverable or any other indication to either party that the message was not delivered or even sent for that matter. The eMail simply vanishes!

Using a new (DMARC) Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, & Conformance mail server setting has created this eMail Black Hole.

If you are sending a newsletter, receiving messages from your website using a contact form, receive orders from a shopping cart, etc. make sure to set your FROM: eMail address to an actual URL address ie. ( JohnDoe@YourWebSite.COM ) and not your FREE email address. ie. ( JohnDoe@gmail.COM )

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