Nikon D750 Recall Warning 💀 “Service Advisory” D600 👉 D610 All Over Again – Check Your Serial #

Good AfternoonPhoto Tribe!

Is it possible for there to be a 3rd “service advisory” on the very same Nikon camera body?

Well, the sad answer is YES, folks. Nikon has yet again added new serial numbers to the D750 LIGHT LEAK problem in their “Advisory” RECALL.

Are you affected? See below…

This issue came to LIGHT (so to speak) in Oct 2014 then again in 2015-16 and now in 2017 yet again for the exact same problem.

Is Nikon having a real problem with Quality Control, or is this simply an issue that can’t be fixed?

It’s feeling more and more like the D600 dust problems all over again, when RECALLS finally lead to the advent of the D610 to correct the issue.

ARE YOU AFFECTED? Here’s Nikon’s direct link to find out!


Simply click on “Check Your Serial Number“