Aurora Camera Care Camera : Sensor Cleaning Kit (APS-C)


We Take The Guesswork Out Of Sensor Cleaning
Two-Step Spot-Free Sensors Cleaning In Minutes
Ultra Soft Two-Ply Microfiber Cleaning Swabs
100% Dust Free Clean Room Vacuum Sealed
No Messy Bottles Of Cleaning Fluid Required
Specially Formulated Sensor Safe Cleaner
Exact Amount Of Cleaning Liquid Every Time
Formulated For Both CCD & CMOS Sensors


* * * * Watch This How-To Video and Get More Details – Here! * * * *

Stop painstakingly photo retouching! A clean camera sensor will give you sharper, more vibrant spot-free photos!

Aurora Camera Care Sensor Cleaning Kit is Quick, Easy and Safe!

Includes 10 Ultra Soft Two-Ply Microfiber Cleaning Swab individually cleanroom vacuum sealed to be 100% dust and lint free. They come in 5 sets of (5) Premoistened Swabs with the exact amount of our specially formulated sensor safe cleaner and (5) Dry Swabs to around out our safe and easy two-step sensor cleaning process.

Additional information

Weight2 oz
Dimensions8 × 6 × .10 in

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