Beautiful portraits, gorgeous landscapes and perfect exposures are only seconds away!

The 3in1 Photo Reference Tool is super simple to use. Take a reference photo with the unit and subject within the frame to begin.

Color Correction / White Balance

For neutralizing, warming and cooling an image.

  1. Photograph the front and back of the PRT near your subject.
  2. Open image in your favorite photo editing software.
  3. Using it’s white balance eyedropper select the gray tile to neutralize the image or one of the dual axis color gradient swatches on the back side to obtain perfect color rendition.
  4. Skin Tones, RGB and CMY color swatches are used for visual fine tuning

Example: Adobe Lightroom

  1. From the developer module select the white balance eyedropper. (In Adobe Photoshop create an adjustment layer and use the gray eyedropper)
  2. Click on the gray tile to Neutralize or one of the color gradients to Warm or Cool.
  3. The selected color settings can then be copied to an unlimited number of photos.

Note: The White balance eyedropper tool can be found in most desktop photo
editors along with some top rated smartphone photo applications.

Exposure Compensation (Contrast)

The camera‘s Auto-Exposure system can be fooled by extreme lighting conditions which can cause over or under-exposed results.

In Camera

  1. Photograph the front side of the PRT near your subject.
  2. Set camera to Aperture Priority.
  3. Adjust Aperture and ISO to desired setting.
  4. Using the PRT 12-step grayscale as reference, dial-in your exposure.

In Post Production

Example: Adobe Lightroom

  1. Turn on Highlight and Shadow clipping warnings. ( use keyboard shortcut J )
  2. Check for areas of your image with blue (shadow) or red (highlight) warnings.
  3. Adjust exposure until your image is free from these warnings.

The methods described above will work with most modern photo editors.

No matter if you use a Smartphone, Point and Shoot Camera or Professional DSLR, this photo tool will help you to create better images!